Matas electronics BV, Best, the Netherlands (Category EMS)
For over 30 years, Matas has been a high-tech specialist in the field of electronics manufacturing and one of the top five assembly plants in the Netherlands. Customers from various electronics industries, including industrial, medical , and automotive electronics find Matas to be a trusted partner for the production of their systems.


"95 TEST-OK Modules, representing 95 electronic assemblies with over 2.000 products per week tested, labeled, registered and delivered..."

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" as Guido Bergman, CEO of Matas Electronics, states. "No product leaves the building before it is tested. In our testing facility we have the necessary programming tools for programming Eeproms, microcontrollers, etc. In addition to the functional testing system of TEST-OK we use boundary scans, AOI, VXI and ICT test systems." 

Matas has its own R&D facility, with four employees involved in TEST-OK Module development. As one of TEST-OK's first customers, Matas Electronics has designed over 95 different TEST-OK Modules for their customers, representing 95 electronic assemblies with which over 2.000 products per week are being tested, labeled, registered and delivered.
TEST-TRACK is also actively integrated, and almost every test function TEST-OK has to offer is being used: SPI, UART, 12C, CAB, Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Ethernet, TCP, USB (on UUT), USB and RS-485. Additionally, operator interaction is frequently required during tests, such as LED and LCD functionality, and the use of switches, all which are designed and implemented by Matas itself.

Matas has invested (and invests) in maximum traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Key figures: 4 TEST-OK 4000-AQ systems since 2009, 95 TEST-OK Modules, 2.000 electronic assemblies tested per week