Schiller AG, Baar, Switzerland, ((Category: proprietary product line)

SCHILLER is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of electrocardiographs, long-term ECG and blood pressure recorders, spirometers, medical IT solutions, patient monitors and external defibrillators. Schiller's groundbreaking technology provides high performance and decision-making support for the busy hospital environment.

SCHILLER became famous for its pocket-sized ECG devices and defibrillators, used as life-savers all over the world, and even in space (ISS). Their product range is mainly developed and manufactured at the headquarter facilities in Baar (Switzerland) and in Wissembourg (SCHILLER Médical S.A.S., France), ensuring outstanding quality as an ISO certified medical company: ISO_13485, EN ISO 14001_2013, TÜV: EC certification .

As Schiller puts it: "We depend on a team of motivated employees, on our creativity, on being open to new ideas, and having the courage to be pioneers".

"With the 3D libraries of TEST-OK for Altium Designer, our electronic engineers don't have a problem placing over 150 test pins on an electronic assembly."

In addition to manual and optical tests, Schiller features a flying probe and AOI system for testing electronic assemblies. However, in order to replace time-consuming test setups for several complex boards, Schiller searched for a functional test system that could meet their test requirements. Their decision to choose TEST-OK was based on several strong advantages:

Speed of development and test adapter building;

The time-consuming and error-prone wire-wrapping is redundant;

Only one-time investment in mechanics due to TEST-OK's modular design;

The programming of test script is quick to learn and read, and is therefore easily transferrable to third parties;

External (medical) signal simulation precision instruments are used for specific measurements. With TEST-TRACK's abipty to connect to external VISA-compatible instruments, it is possible to run specific command sets.

TEST-TRACK's clear structure offers a good overview of all tests, even when these become quite complex.

With AltiumDesigner the electronic engineers of Schiller developed TEST-OK Modules for two electronic assemblies to run on the TEST-OK system. Because TEST-OK supports Altium Designer with 3D libraries of mechanical parts, building a TEST-OK Module is made for electronic engineers who have to incorporate over 150 test pins in a test set-up and who's strength is electronics, not mechanics.

Schiller also makes extensive use of the TEST-OK test language (TEST-TRACK) software to develop, program and execute functional tests on these assemblies. Some of the functions that are used are SPI, 12C, Analog and Digital I/O. Ethernet and USB. Interaction with the test executor is also incorporated, e.g." Is the LED/LCD/key functioning?"

Key features: ODM-Medical Devices, 2 TEST-OK Systems, 5 TEST-OK Modules, 200 pcs tested per week