I2C additions: 

I2C Configuration: Now speed up till 400kHz and configuration of a delay in μs between the separate bytes.

I2C block read: Many I2C devices require a repeated start condition to be performed. To provide this condition the I2C_TRANSCEIVE command was altered to allow a second message to be sent after a repeated start.


Printing labels of group boards, subboards from/and panels. Also the weekcode and the weekyear can be printed in reports and/or labels. Furthermore the position of the board in a panel can be printed on the label. In case the board is in a group on a TEST-OK module, the actual position of a board on the module can be printed on the label.


Option to specify if the delimiter needs to be returned in the derived array.

Database enhancements

Important speed increase of searching in test results (Track & Trace)