TEST-OK 4000-B

Flexible, configurable TEST-OK System with one-sided test-probe contacting.
TEST-OK 4000-BTEST-OK 4000-B
TEST-OK 4000-BTEST-OK 4000-B
TEST-OK 4000-B with UUTTEST-OK 4000-B with UUT
TEST-OK 4000-B-1800UETEST-OK 4000-B-1800UE
TEST-OK 4000-B-640TEST-OK 4000-B-640
  • One-sided test probing of UUT
  • Maximum 800N on UUT (approximately 400 test probes of 200gr.)
  • Compatible with TEST-OK Module system
  • Compatible with TCC 1800, TCC 1800-UE, and TCC 640 Test Controller Cards
  • Available with TCC Feed Through
  • TCC 640 configuration compatible with MY-TEST and TEST-TRACK software


The TEST-OK 4000-B is a fully compatible version of the TEST-OK 4000 test bench series. The TEST-OK 4000-B offers one-sided test probe contacting of the UUT, whereas the TOK 4000-BPL and TOK 4000-AQ offers two-sided contacting of the UUT. The TEST-OK 4000-B still offers the possibility to apply up to 800 N to the UUT due to the innovative Magnetic Downholder System and is therefore a powerful and efficient test tool.


The TEST-OK 4000-B is available with, and without the Magnetic Downholder System. It supports the TCC 640 Test Controller Card, in combination with a 128-contact Expansion Board, as well as the TCC 1800–UE. The TCC 640 supports both TEST-TRACK and MY-TEST software packages. The TEST-OK 4000-B is also compatible with the 2x24 VAC power supply option.




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TEST-OK 4000-B Overview

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