TEST-OK 4000-B Mechanical

Mechanical TEST-OK system with one-sided test-probe contacting.
TEST-OK 4000-BTEST-OK 4000-B
TEST-OK 4000-BTEST-OK 4000-B
TEST-OK 4000-B with UUTTEST-OK 4000-B with UUT
TEST-OK 4000-B-DIN3x64 / DIN3x96TEST-OK 4000-B-DIN3x64 / DIN3x96
TEST-OK 4000-B-DIN4x64 / DIN4x96TEST-OK 4000-B-DIN4x64 / DIN4x96
  • One-sided test probing of UUT
  • Maximum 800N on UUT (approximately 400 test probes of 200gr.)
  • Compatible with TEST-OK Module system
  • Includes DIN 41612 connectors on rear side


The TEST-OK 4000-B mechanical systems provide a flexible solution compatible with the TEST-OK module system. The systems are characterized by highly robust and precise mechanics, guaranteeing a reliable test system over the years.

The systems can be easily integrated into any test system. All systems are provided with standard DIN 41612 connectors on the backside. The TEST-OK 4000-B fixtures allow one-sided probing of the UUT.




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TEST-OK 4000-B Mechanical Overview

TEST-OK 4000-B Mechanical Overview

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