Powerful testing software, specially designed for TEST-OK test systems.
Scripteditor TEST-TRACKScripteditor TEST-TRACK
Scripteditor TEST-TRACKScripteditor TEST-TRACK
Track and Trace TEST-TRACKTrack and Trace TEST-TRACK

TEST-OK includes TEST-TRACK: Powerful testing software and administrative tools for building a full PCB test. All test commands are pre-programmed to build your specific test routines.
Test results are stored in an industry standard database, enabling to trace the results of all tested products, including different test sessions, results and software versions.

TEST-TRACK runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, all 32 or 64 bit versions.


  • Intuitive test command editor
  • All seats connects over ODBC to a one ore more MySQL databases
  • Extemely fast editing and searching in database, over 2 million entries supported
  • Fast-Report included: Create and save PDF reports (www.fastreport.com)
  • Track & Trace functions
  • Limits and Key Value Pairs supported including export
  • Local and global variables supported
  • Unique repairs can be added in database
  • UUT location tracking
  • UUT panel configuration and testing
  • Communication with external programmes and equipment over VISA (USB, TCP or COM port)
  • User Acces Level (administrator, debugger, user)
  • In-circuit programming of microcontrollers is supported
  • Communication commands with operator available with picture (ASK, MESSAGE)
  • CSV export of test values
  • Break points, step by step debugging
  • Running external executables (RUN command)
  • Interfacing ERP-software
  • Labels design and printing before or after testing, depending test results
  • Several communication command sets (CAN, Serial, I2C, SPI)
  • Visual deffects can be added during testing (REPAIR)
  • German, English and Dutch versions available


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Test Language Description

Reference manual for the Test Description Language, Version 3.13.0 (corresponds to TEST-TRACK 3.13.0)

18/02/2018Reference manuals40 KBLogin
Test Engine API 04/05/2015API40 KBLogin