TCC 1800

A generic control board for testing of PCBs
 TCC 1800 - H TCC 1800 - H
 TCC 1800 - H TCC 1800 - H
 TCC 1800 - L TCC 1800 - L

Available Versions:

  • TCC 1800 - L
  • TCC 1800 - H

Type L (Low) for use with TEST-OK desktop enclosure.

Type H (High) for use with TEST-OK 4000-AQ


  • Extensive analog and digital I/O 
  • Isolated connection to PC over USB port
  • 2 adjustable Power Supplies 1.2-24 VDC 45W each
  • Serial communcation channel (UART) available
  • Over current protection


The TCC1800 Test Controller Card is a generic control board for production testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The board is controlled by a command language on a PC to which it is connected via a galvanically separated USB interface. The TCC1800 is designed to work with positive voltages up to 24V. All inputs and outputs are protected against higher voltages however. The card provides basic IO: Analog and digital interfacing, counters, PWM outputs, bidirectional I/O, Serial (UART) and I2C interfacing.




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TCC 1800 Hardware Reference Manual

Hardware reference manual of the TCC1800 Test Controller Card

22/03/2013Reference manuals40 KBLogin
TCC1800 Connection Specification

Specification of the TCC 1800  Test Controller Card connections on the Precidips

30/06/2014Reference manuals40 KBLogin
TCC 1800 - Overview

TCC 1800 Overview

04/11/2015Datasheets40 KBLogin