TCC 1800-UE

Test Controller Card with extensive I/O and high flexibilty
TCC 1800 - UE - LTCC 1800 - UE - L
TCC 1800 - UE - LTCC 1800 - UE - L
TCC 1800 - UE - HTCC 1800 - UE - H

Available Versions:

  • TCC 1800 - UE - L
  • TCC 1800 - UE - H

Type L (Low) for use with TEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE or TEST-OK desktop enclosure.

Type H (High) for use with TEST-OK 4000 AQ-UE.


  • Extensive communication I/O (Ethernet, USB, CAN, UART, I2C, SPI)
  • Robust connection to Local Area Network over Ethernet (10/100 Mbs)
  • 4 port USB server integrated (High speed)
  • Precision current measurement with overload detection
  • Full isolation of I/O (including 4 USB ports)
  • Precision and calibrated power supplies (3A max. or 45W. 1mA/6mV resolution)



The TCC1800-UE Test Controller Card is a generic control board for production testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The board is controlled by a command language on a PC to which it is connected via Ethernet.
The TCC1800-UE is designed to work with positive voltages up to 24V. The card provides extensive IO: Analog and digital interfacing, counters, PWM outputs, bidirectional I/O, ethernet-, CAN, USB, SPI and I2C interfacing.




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TCC 1800-UE Hardware Reference Manual

TCC1800-UE Hardware Reference Manual

24/01/2017Reference manuals40 KBLogin
TCC 1800-UE Overview

TCC 1800-UE Overview

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TCC 1800-UE Connection Specification

TCC 1800-UE Connection Specification

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