TEST-Mate Docking Station

Dockingstation with three types of TEST-MatesDockingstation with three types of TEST-Mates
TEST-Mate OverviewTEST-Mate Overview
  • Integrated self test for the TEST-Mate devices
  • Isolation of the USB connection to the PC
  • Future TEST-Mate devices will be supported


TEST-Mate consists of a series of devices with different combination of functions. Type 1 is a general device, with a UART, configurable power supply (1.5 ... 24 V DC), and analogue and digital IO. Type 2 focusses on communication interfaces, such as UART, RS-485, I2C an CAN. Also a power supply is provided. Type 3 is a device with analogue and digital channels, whereby the digital channels can be configuered as bi-directional. Additional functions such as frequency measurement are also offered. The docking station offers a self test for all the TEST-Mate devices. Furthermore the docking station offers isolation of the 3 USB devices.