Application to design test scripts and perform test
Startup screenStartup screen
Startup screenStartup screen
Editor ScreenEditor Screen
Test ScreenTest Screen
  • Advanced test software for TEST-Mate and eC-test-mate
  • Operator can design tests in advanced scripting language
  • Supports three different TEST-Mates
  • Test results stored in a logfile
  • Test files are connected to the PCB to be tested
  • User interactive real time screen available
  • Terminal screen for UART, RS485, and CAN available
  • Breakpoints and debug mode offered

My-TEST and eC-my-test is the entry level software included with the TEST-Mate product range. The package offers the customer the benefit of easy to design , edit and debug of testscripts.


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Test Language Description

Reference manual for the Test Description Language, Version 3.13.0 (corresponds to TEST-TRACK 3.13.0)

18/02/2018Reference manuals40 KBLogin