High Performance and flexible TEST-OK System with Expansion Board and robust Ethernet connection
Topview TEST-OK 4000-AQ with UUTTopview TEST-OK 4000-AQ with UUT
Topview TEST-OK 4000-AQ with UUTTopview TEST-OK 4000-AQ with UUT
TEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE BacksideTEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE Backside
Topview TEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE with expansion boardTopview TEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE with expansion board
288 contacts top and bottom with 14 contacts for 2X24VAC Power Supply288 contacts top and bottom with 14 contacts for 2X24VAC Power Supply
TEST-OK 4000-AQ Top ViewTEST-OK 4000-AQ Top View
  • High Performance and flexible TEST-OK System
  • Up to a total of 288 test pins
  • Supports customer specific 96 test pin Expansion Board
  • Includes 192 channel TCC1800-UE Test Controller Card
  • Supports Ethernet, USB, CAN, SPI, I2C, RS-232
  • Both side contacting of UUT
  • Flexible connection to the system over LAN
  • Easy implementation of in-circuit programming over Ethernet

  • Three year parts and labour guarantee


TEST-OK 4000-BPL is built on the standard TEST-OK mechanical platform. Its main characteristic is that a customer specific expansion board can be added and interchanged on the fly.
This means that in addition to add extra circuitry on the TEST-OK module, extra circuits can also be added to the Expansion Board.

This advanced test system has been introduced to satisfy the demand for the possibility of implementing customer specific test pins, as well as the opportunity to connect external instruments (VESA support in TEST-TRACK is provided!).

It should be noted that significant budget savings can be achieved if recurrent circuitry on a TEST-OK module is transferred to an Expansion Board.

The TEST-OK 4000-BPL includes the TCC 1800-UE test card.

The standard TEST-OK connection system to the TEST-OK module, which consists of 192 pins (3 groups of 64 pins), has been expanded with an extra row, adding a total of 96 pins. Each group now has 96 pins, of which one row of 32 pins is customer specific.

The connection to this Expansion Board is provided internally over a back plane. It includes a power supply of +/- 26.5 VDC/50 Watt max, and an Ethernet and an USB connection. This means that the connection to the expansion board can be achieved over LAN (TEST-TRACK TCP command set) or over USB.

The Expansion Board can be completely designed by the customer. Of course, the dimensions and connection diagram of this board are specified and well-documented.

The Expansion Board also has the same ID system as is used in the TEST-OK module, which means that if a module programmed in TEST-TRACK is inserted into the test system, the need for a specific Expansion Board is indicated.





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