Date: 2019/10/04
Author: Alexandre van BERGEN



April 2019 - PCBA and test patterns are getting smaller and smaller, as an anwer to this demand TEST-OK has designed a probe wich can be used up to 1,27 mm pitch. Also a receptacle has been developed, based on the TEST-OK principle of soldering into the Connector Board.

Difference with other TEST-OK test probes, and most industry test probes, is the fact that the receptacle is the guiding part for the moving probe. This means that diameters could be reduced.

The probe is available in different lenghts and headstyles, for test pattern contacting, and for through hole contacting. Also a version with isolation around the head is available, this type makes it possible to contact for example a 50 pins double row 1,27 mm pitch header. The isolation has a centering function and also prevents shortage between the heads.



Module Materials - Probes and Receptacles
TOK 9755 Test Probe 1,27 mm/50 mil
Dimensions (mm.)
Tecnical Data
Spacing1,27 mm / 50 mil
Spring force at working level100 / 200 g
Current rating3,0 A
Typical contact resistance20 mOhm
Full travel4,35 mm
Recommended working travel2,35 mm
Pin barrelBrass – gold plated
Pin springMusic Wire, silver/gold plated
Pin plungerHardened beryllium copper
LenghtsFor this probe, the length is appropriate for differing situations:
L1 = 29,7 mmThrough hole components on the UUT
L1 = 30,8 mmTest pads and pads of SMD components
30.8 mm 18.9 mm the UUT itself as well as the pads of SMD components