Compact In-circuit universal parallel flash programmer
    • Small form factor with 2.0 mm pin header connections,
    • Very fast and reliable programming solution
    • Brings important time savings with panel testing
    • Devices can be placed close to test probes for optimal signal quality
    • Up to 217 SP08 devices can be connected on one serial bus and controlled simultaneously
    • On-board flash allows storage of multiple target flash images,
    • Support for industry standard programming protocols such as SWD, JTAG, SPI,
    • Algorithms for flash devices of different manufacturers can be stored on the same SP08
    • Up to 3 SP08 devices can be stacked onto one header to save place

The SP08 parallel programming system is an advanced In-Circuit Flash Programmer for the majority of flash memory-based microcontrollers and memory devices. The SP08 is has embedded storage for programming algorithms and flash images. 

Up to 217 SP08 devices can be connected over a single 3 wire serial interface. The SP08 devices are controlled over a USB interface. All connected SP08 devices can be started and controlled in parallel, however each SP08 runs totally independently.


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SP08.01-03 On Board Stand Alone Flash ProgrammerProject specific pheripheral devices are needed. Please contact TEST-OKTAS009616